Misconceptions with Obsessions

misconceptions with obsessions

Sometimes our obsessions during this month can become burdensome, even if the pumpkin spice lattes taste good. Originally posted on lindenlink.com: http://lindenlink.com/2018/10/05/editorial-cartoon-misconceptions-with-obsessions/


Traffic Cone Delight

traffic cone delight

Parking this semester has also been affected by construction and the reshuffling of offices and classrooms, leaving professors and commuters scrambling for a space against the residential cars that only seem to move after 4 p.m. It seems as if the traffic cones are slowly invading campus, conquering ground over weekends and in late night scrimmages. Originally posted on Lindenlink.com: http://lindenlink.com/2018/09/28/editorial-cartoon-traffic-cone-delight/